COVID-19 Recent Information Releases from CCC

[UPDATE - 01 March 2022]
Please see this memo from the desk of Ken Bullington concerning face masks on school campuses.

[From CDPH - 12 January 2022]
COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools in California 2021-22

[UPDATE 10 January 2022] 
Please continue to refer to the Best Practices for K-12 Schools...COVID-19 & Beyond handbook, as well as the additional review of procedures. Both can be found through Box here.

[UPDATE August 2021]
Best Practices for K-12 Schools...COVID-19 & Beyond

[UPDATE 20 July 2020] Best Practices for K-12 CCC Schools

[UPDATE 08 July 2020] Re-Entry & Beyond Plan for K-12 Schools to Reopen - Principals' Handbook

[UPDATE 27 April 2020] Continued Closure of Schools, Preschools, and Churches

Letter to Principals from CCC Officers Regarding Distance Learning Through End of 2019-2020 School Year [06 April 2020]

[UPDATE 30 March 2020] Statement from CCC on Church and School Operations

Statement from CCC on Church and School Operations

Statement from CCC on Hourly Employee Renumeration

Statement from CCC Regarding Camp Meeting

Statement from CCC Regarding 2020 Summer Youth Ministries

Coronavirus vs Religious Liberty:  A Statment from the Pacific Union Religious Liberty Ministry

Other Updates

California Department of Public Health Update 01-22-2021

What's Next? 

2020-2021 School Year


    • Year End Checklist for Principals



Mental Health Resources

Resources for Students

 [More coming soon!]

Resources for Schools

Returning to Schools | Adventist Risk Management Webinar Archive


Reminder for Using Disinfectants in Schools and Child Care Facilities 

Helpful Ideas for Principals and Schools

K-8 Distance Learning Curriculum Resources

      • For additional K-8 reasources, the Southeastern California Conference has offered to share their list via Google Docs. It is a private link, but they have agreed to grant access to anyone who requests it. To request access to this document, click here!

        Access can also be acquired via SECC's education website. Visit their site here, and click on the Distance Learning tab on the righthand side of the screen.

Secondary Distance Learning Curriculum Resources

Distance Learning Resources by Subject

Instructional Tools for Distance Learning


NAD New Resource Page

Article series from Seventh-day Adventist Educators -

College and Career Prep Course - This is a year-round online course developed by CIRCLE and Andrews University Precollege Services, hosted and funded by Adventist Learning Community, is offered to all high school students and aims to help students prepare for life after high school. This course is not a COVID-19 special offer, but could be beneficial regardless. Students taking this course can earn 0.5 Carnegie credits through Griggs. For more information, see the flyer here, or visit the Adventist Learning Community website here.  


Fall SAT and ACT Testing
- EdSource reported on Thursday, April 16, 2020, that plans are being made for at-home testing should school closures continue into Fall 2020. Read the article from EdSource here. 

Resources for Educators

Innovative Teaching in a Pandemic Webinar - August 6, 2020 at 4:00 PM Central Time

Learning Forward  
- Learning Forward, one of the leading professional development organizations for educators in the United States, is offering many webinars for teachers and school leaders at no cost. Visit their website here to check out their selection of resources!

Summer courses this year will be made available online through La Sierra University and Pacific Union College. For more information, please visit
our Summer School for Educators page. 

La Sierra University Summer School webpage || Pacific Union College Summer School webpage

FREE Online Mentor Program Resources via!

More on Sheltering in Place 

Sheltering in Place Essentials:  What are essential services?

California State Pandemic Roadmap Update