The Haystack Grant 
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SURVEYS _____________________________________________________________

Parent Survey
Student Survey, Grades K-2
Student Survey, Grades 3-8
Student Survey, Grades 9-12
Exit Survey


Purpose of the Grant  ___________________________________________________________

The intention of this grant is to provide training and education in specific areas that will lead to sustainability and growth of your school. The designated participants are Central California Conference (CCC) principals, administrative teams, and board of trustees at each of the CCC schools who apply and are accepted into this grant program.

The training and education will be led by an Adventist professional whose expertise is in fundraising, strategic planning and execution, along with marketing and alumni relations.

The grant program will consist of training sessions via video conferencing (and possibly occasional in-person meetings), read- ing materials, online videos, local events to be executed, communication pieces, and more. To ease the process, participants will have access to templates and other ready-made resources to assist in completing requirements.

Schools successfully completing the training and education program will receive a grant check in the amount of $1,000 to help offset expenses, plus a refund of the $200 application fee—amounting to $1,200 in total.


The Grant Process  _______________________________________________________

  • A $200 application fee must be submitted with the application. This fee is refundable at the end of next school year—if all grant requirements have been met. This application must be approved and voted on by the local Board of Trustees—prior to submission. Signatures of administrative team and all board members are required.

  • Applicants will also be interviewed as part of the application process.

  • A maximum of five (5) schools will be accepted into the grant program for the upcoming school year.

  • The schools accepted into the program will be announced at the August educators’ convention in Clovis, CA.

  • Completed applications must be submitted directly to the Vice President for Education, Ken Bullington, via email only at


The Program Timeline _____________________________________________________

  • The 11-month training and education program begins August of the current calendar year and will end on June 1 of the next calendar year.

  • Application deadline is July 30 of the current calendar year.

  • Document submission and grant requirements are due June 1 of the next calendar year.

  • Grant/Refund checks will be issued by June 15 of the next calendar year to the schools who have successfully completed the program.

  • A second year follow-up training: includes four (4) one-hour video conferencing sessions with the consultant to assist in maintaining the momentum established in the first year.