Central California Conference Education Department presesnts:

Spelling Bee 
(To Be Announced)
for Grades 3-8
Welcome to our annual Central California Conference Spelling Bee! 

The Spelling Bee contest will emphasize the need to be a competent speller. Not all writing is done via the computer; therefore, accuracy in spelling is an important part of an individual’s overall educational experience. It is a skill that will have lifelong repercussions and will empower students to be more competitive in the workplace as well as enrich the lives of productive citizens.

Every elementary school in the Central California Conference is welcome to participate. Every student in the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grades is encouraged to get involved in the local rounds. We would urge teachers to make these local rounds fun, stress free, and tools for learning. Students participating will be from grades 3-8, one student from each grade (six students from each participating school). There may be an alternate from each grade at the local school level if the local grade representative is unable to attend the Spelling Bee. Every team must have a certificated teacher to coach and guide the team. This individual will accompany the team to the final phase of the competition.

The next Spelling Bee will take place in-person during the 2023-2024 school year.
Registration and handbook will be available closer to the event in 2023.

Register your school for the Spelling Bee here.

The 2024 Spelling Bee Handbook can be found here.
A copy of this handbook will be emailed to schools.