Track and Field Day


Welcome to our annual Central California Conference Track and Field Day!

The Track and Field event gives our Central California Conference secondary students a chance to grow physically and to make new friends. Some skills and trades require a personal development that can be acquired through the medium of physical practice; therefore, track and field is an important part of an individual’s overall educational experience. It is a skill that will have lifelong repercussions and will empower students to be more competitive in the workplace as well as enrich the lives of productive citizens.

Every student who is an academy freshman through senior in the Central California Conference is welcome to participate. We urge teachers to make the local practice events fun, stress free, and tools for learning. Every team must have a certificated teacher to coach and guide them. This individual will accompany the team to the final phase of the event.

The Track and Field Day will be held on April 4, 2019 at Steinert Athletic Complex on the campus of Fresno Pacific University. The meet will begin at 9am.  The Fresno Pacific University Steinhert Athletic Complex is located on the west side of the street at about 1800 S. Willow Avenue in Fresno.


Schedule of Events

Track and Field event records: Men and Women

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T&F Meet Location Map