K-12 Forms

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Renweb/Dashboard Help
  1. Help Page with Links and Guides

Academic/Student Forms

  1. Overnight Trip Request

  2. * Pacific Union Conference Consent to Medical Treatment Form

  3. * Pacific Union Conference Student Application Form

  4. * Student Acceleration

  5. * Student Retention

  6. *CCC Advanced Honors Diploma Requirements

  7. *Advanced Honors Diploma Application

Personnel Forms

  1. Travel Voucher

  2. Employee Absence and Leave Bank Policies 2018-19

  3. *12-Month Vacation Request Form
  4. Child Abuse Statement

  5. Conflict of Interest

  6. * Monthly Vacation/Meeting Report (K-12 twelve month employee)

  7. * Monthly Vacation/Meeting Report (ECEC twelve month employee)
  8. Request for Additional Teacher Budgets

  9. School Employee Fingerprint Audit

  10. Substitute Teacher Payroll and Teacher Absence Report
  11. Volunteer Driver Agreement & Insurance Verification Form

  12. School Safety (Risk Management)

  13. * Tuition Waiver Authorization Form

  14. Tuition Waiver Authorization Form (PDF)

Opening/Closing and Monthly Reports

  1. Calendar Variance (PDF)

  2. * Calendar Variance

  3. Elementary & Junior Academy Supplementary Report

  4. Secondary Supplementary Report

  5. * Union K-12 Opening Report

  6. * Union K-12 Closing Report (Form SR 105)

  7. 7-Point Financial Summary (MS Excel)


  1. Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Testing
  2. Iowa Testing Basic Timeline 2018-19

Teacher Evaluation Forms

  1. CCC Teacher Perfomance Standards

  2. Evaluation Checklist - 6 Steps for Success

  3. K-2 Student Feedback for Teachers

  4. Grades 3-12 Student Feedback for Teachers  - Chart Form or Survey Form

  5. Summative EvaluationMS Word Document or printable version

  6. Video Self-Critique

  7. Differentiated Teacher Evaluation

  8. Professional Goals:  Fillable .pdf Form:  Download the form to activate the fillable format.

  9. Professional Goals:  Fillable Word Form

  10. Early Primary Questionnaire

  11. Evaluation Checklist - 6 Steps for Success

Property Lease Information

  1. School Instructions

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